Raggiosolare’s expert team of engineers provides an extensive spectrum of high quality pre design & design services. From the field  examination, survey & 3D display to final configurations & design. 

Field assessment support

– Topographical evaluation 

– Soil Analysis

– Geotechnical study

– Pull out test


– Design quality review & optimization 

– Structural design

– Mechanical design

– Electrical design

Our methods include thorough testing and onsite inspections assuring perfection of the final product and on time delivery.

Equipment  management

–  Supplies administration

–  Supplies storage (on site)

–  Onsite security

–  Reporting

Construction Management

–  Machinery administration

–  Personnel administration

–  Reporting

Quality excellence is a fact when it comes to us. Our qualified personnel guaranties finest construction & excellent final product for each discipline assigned.

Civil Works 

– On site surveying 

– Fencing installation

– Trench excavation & infilling

– Concrete foundations construction  

Mechanical Erection 

– Post foundation (Ramming – concrete foundation)

– Mounting structure erection

– Solar panels Installation

– Torque testing 

Electrical Erection
– PV panels connection
– Cable laying and termination
– Inverter set & placement  
– Panel boards manufacturing & installation
– Transformers set & installation   
– CCTV installation
– Pv plant operational test (Megger & IV measurements)
– Grid connection 

We offer a wide range of  options related to maintenance services. Adjusted to meet our customer’s requirement.

Raggiosolare’s operation and maintenance team, look after the photovoltaic plant operation and maintain the production at the highest level.


– Pv modules cleaning

– Vegetation cleaning

– Terminations Inspection

– Inverter inspection

– Grounding inspection & measurement.  

– IV measurements